Norfolk Island Conservation

Norfolk Island, New South Wales

This is one of the largest collection of Georgian buildings in the world. The building group now forms an integral part of the Norfolk Island Administration and tourist facilities.

Penal settlement buildings have been reused for the Assembly and the Administration, restored as house museums, adapted for churches and left for interpretation. All work was carefully executed using traditional technology including lime washing, Norfolk Island pine carpentry, shingle splitting, pebble dash render executed by local tradesmen.

The existing buildings were in a range of conditions, but all required archaeological investigation and preparation of measured drawings before conservation work started. Uses were determined to suit government objectives and also to promote the Island as a major tourist destination. Careful attention to detail was critical working within the limits of a remote island community with restricted materials, the outcome has been an outstanding example of adaptive reuse and revitalisation of an exquisite heritage precinct.

Norfolk Island Conservation
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Works Australia and Norfolk Island Administration
Project Status
Completed, 1987-1988