Claisebrook Design Community

Perth, Western Australia

CODA (now Cox Architecture) transformed an existing sawtooth warehouse and office into a flexible space for entrepreneurship. Located in a pocket marked by turn-of-the-century terraces and light industry, this project reinstates the area as an urban village.

CODA introduced a series of intertwining uses that together create a connected hub of activity. At the front sits a co-office space comprised of separate offices and a boardroom. Within the larger warehouse, playful pods create areas for individual work. An event space, defined by a circular carpet and light scoop, and cafe link these spaces to the broader community creating a dynamic and porous interface.

Aesthetically, the design draws inspiration from Jeffrey Smart’s celebration of the gritty interface between transport and human existence. Industrial materials have been overlaid with primary-coloured graphics; exposed timber frames are paired with cyclone fencing and warehouse shelving.

The building has been reimagined as a contemporary warehouse – designed to produce ideas.

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Claisebrook Design Community
Project Status
Key Consultants
Instruct Engineers
B.E.S Consultants
Olsson Fire and Risk
BEAC Building Environmental Assessment Company
Contractor / Builder
Vital Building Company
Site Area
570 m2
Private: Emma Williamson